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Migration to Australia: Understanding Temporary Work Visa

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There are numerous types of visas to consider when applying for immigration into Australia. Your choice will affect the potential likelihood for approval of the petition presented to the Immigration and Border Patrol department. Therefore, it is critical for you to evaluate and make comparisons of the viable visa options for your personal circumstances. In addition, you should consider engaging a certified migration agent for assistance. One of the advantageous visas that you should consider getting before preparing an application is the temporary work visa. This type is designed for skilled workers who qualify to work under approved employers and will help you to move into the country. Here is basic information to help you understand the important elements of the temporary visa.

Eligibility Criteria

It is essential to know the qualifications that you require in order to be eligible for the temporary work visa. This can limit time wasted on invalid applications, and it will help you prepare for the process more efficiently if you qualify. You must be nominated or offered employment in a position that is listed in the official Skilled Occupation List. This means that you should meet the standards specified for the nominated occupation. In addition, the registration and licensing requirements should be met to ensure the validity of your potential employment. Generally, you will need to present different forms of professional documentation and evidence of work history during the application.

Including Family

You can include your family members in the temporary work visa application before presenting it to the authorities. Basically, the acceptable family members are partners; the relationship can be an official marriage or de facto relationship. Dependent children as well as other relatives in your custody can also be part of the visa program. It is critical to note that there are certain regulations and restrictions imposed when including family in a temporary visa application. The rules prevent fraud by applicants who are not honest in documentation. For example, a dependent child must be under eighteen, significantly reliant with regard to basic needs on you or disabled.

Visa Details

The temporary visa can be valid after approval for up to four years. However, the details can vary depending on the unique circumstances such as the labour demands in the new workplace. You are required to work for your sponsor or employer for the granted period. You can only work in the nominated occupation, and you must find a new sponsor if you cease working for the initial employer. You should consult a migration officer if your situation changes.

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