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Can You Work In Australia On A Visitor Visa?

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Temporary visas to Australia, such as student visas and visitor visas will be granted with some conditions attached regarding working in the country. In general, your visa will dictate if you can work in Australia, the duration of the work and even who can employ you. Breaching the conditions stipulated will lead to severe consequence, which is why it is essential for all tourists who plan on working in Australia to enlist the services of an immigration attorney. This piece looks at the different facets that you should be aware of if you plan to work in Australia on a visitor visa

What is work defined as?

Under Australian law, work is defined as anything you engage in that will result in remuneration. Nonetheless, there are some cases where you may be able to engage in work without the risk of violating your visitor visa, as illustrated below:

Volunteer work: As long as you are participating in volunteer work, chances are you will not break the terms of your visitor visa. However, it is crucial to know what the Australian government will consider as volunteer work. Some of the activities that you engage in include working under the employ a non-profit, undertaking work that is advantageous to the community and working without any pay (even while lodging is provided).

Childcare: If you are working as a caregiver for a family that is visiting Australia on vacation, then you will be able to continue with your duties under a visitor visa. You may also be eligible to work as a childcare provider if you are visiting Australia, for example, to give a hand to a family member who is a resident and has given birth. However, there could be limitations as to how long you can be in Australia on a visitor visa working in that capacity.

Online work: Individuals that work online but are in Australia for a short period on a visitor visa are capable of getting on with their duties without violating the terms of the visa. Take note that if the online work is sourced in Aussie, rather than it being from back home, then you will be in breach of the visitor visa.

What are the consequences of violating your visitor visa?

One of the main risks you will be putting yourself at when you breach the terms of your visitor visa is having it cancelled. However, this is not the only consequence. Additionally, you will be deported. In extreme cases, your violation could lead to a restriction on ever travelling back to Australia.