How to Hire an Immigration Attorney When You Are Afraid

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How an Immigration Attorney Can Streamline Your Partner Visa Application

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When you want to build a life with your partner but they don't have the legal right to live in Australia, you'll need to apply for a partner visa. Most times, the process can feel frustrating and complicated. Because of this, it's often helpful to have an immigration attorney on your side. Here's why.

Navigating Legal Frameworks

Australian immigration law is complex. While it's possible to get a rough outline of what you need to do online, there's always the risk that you'll make the wrong move. Doing so may prove costly, it can waste your time and in a worst-case scenario, your partner visa may be rejected altogether. An immigration lawyer can help you achieve goals such as obtaining a temporary visa while the permanent visa is a work in progress. They'll do so at a speed that suits you both and helps you avoid mistakes.

Analysing Your Relationship Criteria

When the Australian authorities scrutinise your application, they'll do so thoroughly. They'll examine your relationship for authenticity. The threshold for authenticity is often quite high and the burden of proof is on you to prove it's real. An immigration lawyer can assess your relationship as it stands and offer genuine insights into what you need to do. They'll let you know whether your current proofs are likely to make you successful and offer advice on what to do if your chances look slim.

Addressing Potential Issues

One of an immigration lawyer's greatest skills is being able to address potential issues. They know what the Department of Home Affairs will take umbrage with and they can help you get ahead of potential stumbling blocks. When they spot a problem on the horizon, they'll offer advice on what to do. It isn't always possible to spot such issues for yourself, as you don't have enough experience with the Department of Home Affairs to know how they operate.

Organising Documentation

One of the biggest challenges any couple faces when getting a partner visa is finding the right documentation. Organising it and meeting deadlines can feel like a headache in itself. Sometimes, you need professionals to verify the authenticity of documents, and this can be hard to achieve when you don't have the right connections. A lawyer who is skilled in such matters can help you organise your documents and submit them on time. As a result, you can avoid unnecessary delays and potentially avoid some sources of stress. 

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